CBD Capsules

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resolveCBD Capsules are a convenient way to ingest accurately dosed CBD.



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What are CBD Oil Capsules?

resolveCBD Capsules are a convenient way to ingest accurately dosed CBD. Each capsule contains 20mg of full-spectrum CBD,  with 20 CBD oil capsules in a bottle (for a total of 400mg CBD). CBD capsules are great for those who do not enjoy the taste of CBD or prefer a one and done method of consuming CBD without the use of a tincture.

Our CBD capsule pills are full spectrum, whole plant extracts derived from locally grown hemp, containing less than 0.3% THC. As a result, all of our CBD oils are considered non-psychoactive and safe for daily use. We encourage you to read the reviews below from resolveCBD customers, who have experienced the benefits of CBD oil capsules.

What’s the difference between CBD Oil Capsules and the rest of your products?

While the best way to consume CBD is sublingually (under the tongue), in oil form, CBD capsules are an effective way to potentially provide natural relief from pain, anxiety, inflammation and more. Consult our Education section to learn more about everything CBD.

resolveCBD capsules contain the same CBD oil you’ve come to love, simply pre-dosed with 20mg CBD and other helpful cannabinoids, and formulated with coconut oil for easy consumption.

Which resolveCBD product or concentration should I choose?

As a general rule of thumb, a standard dose is 0.15mg of CBD per pound of body weight, as needed. If you’re experienced with CBD or are taking CBD for a specific ailment (like poor sleep, low mood, or chronic pain), you can increase the dose to 0.20mg or more. Click here to learn 10 benefits of CBD.

Should you wish to try a lower dose to begin with, we recommend trying resolveCBD Oil 500mg, which is offered in a tincture, so you can accurately measure your desired dosage.

Consult this chart for recommended dosing of CBD or take our 3-step quiz for a personalized dosing recommendation.


Full Ingredients:

  • Full spectrum CBD, organic coconut oil

Suggested Usage

Take 1-2 capsules daily with water.  Store in a cool, dry place.


Information and products presented by resolveCBD are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailment, nor is it intended to be a substitute or alternative for professional medical advice. Always consult with a licensed professional regarding medical treatment or possible interactions with prescribed drugs. Products are intended to be used as directed, by individuals who are 19 years of age or older.

Pros and Cons of CBD Capsules

Pros and Cons of CBD Capsules

While CBD capsules are a great way to work it into your daily routine, there are advantages and disadvantages to using them compared to other products. 

Pros of CBD Capsules

Convenient Consumption

The main benefit of CBD capsules is they are easy to take. They avoid having oil get underneath the tongue and needing to hold the tongue in place while taking it. All that is required is taking the capsule and swallowing it with water.


Another benefit is they are tasteless. Despite CBD oil not having a strong taste, some people may not appreciate the oily association. Furthermore, some individuals do not like the MCT oil taste mixed with the CBD.

Slower Metabolic Rate

CBD capsules have a slower metabolization. Contents from the pills aren’t released until they reach the stomach. At this stage, they mix with the remainder of the stomach’s contents before absorption. It results in the capsules lasting longer than oil tinctures when taken sublingually. 

Cons of CBD Capsules

Lack of Customization

CBD oil allows you to decrease or increase your dosage quickly. If there is a situation wherein you need a higher dosage of the oil, you can add additional drops under the tongue. However, with capsules, you are limited to the capsule size. There is no way to customize the amount taken.

Not Targeted like CBD Topicals

CBD capsules aren’t great for targeted pain like topicals. Since they are swallowed, they circulate throughout the body whether you need them to or not. Take a look at our CBD cream for pain & topical CBD collection for an alternative way to utilize CBD.