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If you’re looking for where to buy CBD online in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. As one of the leading CBD brands in Canada, we’re committed to providing high quality CBD products infused with full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate extracts derived from hemp stalks and grains.

Shop for the best full spectrum CBD oil in Canada with our selection of CBD tinctures. We even have CBD oil for dogs and cats, as well as CBD Dog Treats made with CBD isolate. CBD oil not your thing? Try our tasty CBD Gummies, or if you’re looking for topicals, our CBD Pain Cream will do the trick.

Wondering about CBD dosage? Take our simple dosage quiz or check out our CBD dose chart for a more detailed look.
Our lab tested CBD products are handcrafted in our Toronto facility with care. CBD has the potential to help relieve anxiety, inflammation, pain, sleep issues and more—feel the difference inside and out with resolveCBD.

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How Should I take my CBD?

CBD product Consumption method Targeted relief Enters Bloodstream Choose if you...
CBD OilSublingual (Under the tongue)NoYesLike to control your dosage and/or need higher strengths for chronic conditions
CBD CreamTopicalYesNoHave specific areas to treat (arthritis joint pain, eczema patches, etc.)
CBD GummiesIngestionNoYesWant pre-dosed CBD, do not enjoy the earthy taste of CBD oils and/or like Candy!
CBD CapsulesIngestionNoYesWant pre-dosed CBD and/or do not enjoy the earthy taste of CBD oils

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy CBD near me in Canada?

There are a handful of options to buy hemp-derived CBD in Canada, both online and in-store.  resolveCBD offers a wide variety of CBD products such as oils, gummies, dog treats, and topicals, available for purchase online, Canada-wide.

Can I buy CBD gummies in Canada? 

Yes!  We offer our best-selling CBD Gummies.

Can I buy CBD oil for pets in Canada?

Yes!  We offer our best-selling CBD oil for dogs (and cats).

Can I buy CBD pain cream in Canada?

Yes!  We offer our best-selling CBD Cream for Pain Relief.

Can I buy CBD tinctures in Canada?

Yes!  We offer a wide variety of CBD tinctures in various concentrations and flavours.

Can I buy CBD dog treats in Canada?

Yes!  Our all-natural, beef liver CBD Dog Treats made from CBD isolate.

What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD has shown to have immense health and wellness benefits for humans and animals, with continuous scientific studies emerging, as well as anecdotal evidence supporting these benefits. Some of the known benefits of CBD include increased alertness, reduced stress, reduction of chronic pain and inflammation, reduction of anxiety or depression symptoms, antioxidant properties and neuroprotection, anticonvulsant and anti-seizure benefits, and reduction of cancer-related side effects. CBD has also been found to be useful for treating conditions which have not responded well to conventional treatments and medications, such as childhood epilepsy or pet anxiety.

Is there a CBD dose chart?

Yes - you can find our CBD dosage chart here.

What do you recommend for sleep?

CBD doesn't make you "sleepy", however it can help alleviate symptoms that get in the way of a good sleep. For treating anxiety to improve sleep, the current consensus is that a medium to large dose is likely the most effective range, depending on severity. A good place to start would be in the area of 15-20mg, taken about 45-60 min before bed. If you're using a tincture, try to absorb as much as you can under your tongue after letting it rest for about 15 seconds (the rest can simply be swallowed).

What do you recommend for pain?

The best practice and the industry standard for new users dosing CBD is to start low and go slow. This means starting at a dose of ~10 mg (either daily or as-needed) and slowly increasing the dose in 5 mg increments every 2 to 3 days if you find that a higher dose is needed for relief – this is what’s known as a titrating period. More CBD is not necessarily better because cannabinoids are what’s called bi-phasic – this means there is an optimal amount for an individual to use, which is generally between 10 – 40 mg per day of full spectrum CBD oil, however, this does take some personal trial and error to figure out what’s best for you. If your pain is fairly significant, you may be on the higher end of that scale.

Can I use CBD for weight loss?

Although CBD itself may not directly impact weight loss, there are specific strains, cannabinoids, and terpene profiles that can assist in reducing appetite. For instance, strains that contain THC-V / THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) deliver an energetic and euphoric high and have appetite-suppressing qualities.  

However, the THC content may be a drawback for some because, unlike CBD, cannabinoids found in strains containing THC-V contain a psychoactive component.  If you are reluctant to experiment with THC, then you may want to try CBG. CBG is also derived from hemp (and therefore non-psychoactive) and has been shown in preliminary trials to have appetite-suppressing qualities.  Read our full blog article on CBD for weight loss here.

Still curious? View our full FAQ here.