CBD for Seniors: can it help the elderly age more gracefully?

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Why are more Seniors embarking on their CBD journey?

Getting old does not mean that everything is becoming dark and gloomy.  These are the golden years!  Travel, family, cooking, sightseeing, these activities are all in the cards and more!  But how can your body follow your lifestyle? Let’s not kid ourselves, as we get older, our bodies need more time to recover and reenergize from physical activity, an injury and even lack of sleep.

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You might’ve heard about, are trying to educate yourself or are brand new to CBD and are not too sure how it works. We have you covered, in this article, we will help you see why more and more seniors are choosing CBD as a safe and effective natural source of relief.  We will also describe the benefits CBD may have for the elderly, as well as some handy tips to help you on your CBD journey.

Natural, safe & Effective Relief for Seniors

Many Seniors are opting to use CBD over prescription medication.  CBD has been well-documented to be a safe, effective and natural source of relief which is relied upon by thousands of Canadians across the country to help manage their pain, anxiety, inflammation and insomnia. 

Unlike some prescription drugs given to seniors, CBD does not appear to have any risk of addiction or developing dependence, making it a safer choice in some situations.  CBD is also non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t get you high as it’s derived from hemp instead of cannabis.  This makes CBD functional for both daily and nightly use.

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How does CBD work? First, we have to mention the body already produces CBD in small amounts, which interacts with our endocannabinoid system and regulates our pain and inflammation levels and also our ability to sleep.

By supplementing with plant-sourced cannabinoids, we can help our bodies to regulate itself better and alleviate excessive pain, inflammation and sleep issues.

All in all, these are just a few of the reasons why seniors are switching to CBD as their preferred choice for relief.

Benefits of CBD for the Elderly

Inflammation, insomnia, joint pain and arthritis are some of the most common symptoms that the elderly suffer from.

It has been reported that as many as 25-80% of seniors suffer daily from chronic pain, with numbers varying based on certain conditions and communities.  In particular, degenerative joint disease appears to be the overwhelming cause of chronic pain for the majority of seniors, just ahead of rheumatic disease which is caused by excessive inflammation.

As for insomnia, it has been suggested that as many as 10-30% of adults live with it.  The elderly are particularly vulnerable due to causes such as illness, medications, sleep rhythm disturbances, depression and sleep disorders like (SRBD, RLS, and RBD)

While there’s no perfect cure to eliminate the cause of pain or inflammation, there is ongoing research seems to show that CBD does appear to have noticeable benefits for managing symptoms of pain and inflammation.

As stated in studies like this 2017 report, CBD does appear to have a positive effect on reducing pain, and inflammation and helping people relax.

Moreover, many seniors may choose to use CBD at night as it could possibly help them rest better by soothing any pain that is blocking their sleep. CBD has also been suggested to help those with chronic insomnia and sleep disturbances caused by pain, by improving the sleep quality and length of one’s deep sleep.

Tips for Seniors using CBD

Now that we understand a bit about how CBD works and the benefits it can provide to seniors, let’s take a look at some handy tips to help you, or a senior you know, get the most out of CBD!

First, start low and slow with CBD dosage as a Senior. Start gradually for the first couple of days and increase dosage as needed.  We recommend taking a look at our dosage chart so that you know where to start.

Secondly, for some elderly individuals, they may find their CBD working immediately after 2 days. For some, it may take up to a full two weeks for their bodies to adjust and to start feeling the benefits of CBD.

Thirdly, have CBD with some healthy fats.  CBD is fat soluble, which means it binds to fat.  Consuming CBD with foods like eggs, avocados, fish, nuts, etc., can help you maximize your overall CBD absorption.

tow plates with food on them. One plate has a salmon and cream cheese bagel along with a soift boiled egg and green beans, the other a slice of toast with creme fraiche and salmon.

Finally, it’s helpful to know that CBD can be energizing in lower dosages and relaxing in higher doses.  Everyone responds differently to CBD, one person’s relaxing dose (0.25ml of CBD oil for example) could be another one’s energetic dose.

It is important to first find your baseline for the first few days.  If your current dose has you feeling sleepy or relaxed, but you want to feel more energized and more focused, we recommend reducing the dosage and if you find that your current dose has you feeling too energized, try increasing your dosage.  It might take some time to find the perfect dosage but when you do, you will reap the benefits of CBD for seniors.


Still not Sure?

We know times can be tough for the Elderly.  There just isn’t enough time in the day to enjoy everything.  We also understand that the stress caused by finances, mental fatigue and physical strain can impact your day to day life. Have you also asked yourself if CBD can help your issues compared to prescribed medicine?  We have plenty of educational blogs on the matter but most importantly, we might have the right program for you. Resolve Cares is a program for individuals who have difficulties in their everyday life, which includes Seniors.  Head over to our resolve Cares page and apply.  Let us know your story and we will do everything we can to help you out on your CBD journey!


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