CBD and Gaming

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CBD and gaming is something you do not usually hear but with websites promoting gaming culture such as Twitch and Youtube Gaming, gaming has entered everyday conversations and is no longer as niche as it once was for enthusiasts, entertainment professionals (streamers/Youtubers), gaming professionals (eSports) and newcomers alike.  Depending on the genre of game that they are playing or, for esports players, competitions and tournaments can be a source of anger, anxiety, stress and sleepless nights.

It is no strange coincidence that some individuals have started to turn to CBD to help them with ailments that come with gaming.

What are the health risks associated with gaming?

All physical hobbies come with an element of risk. Hockey, Soccer and Weightlifting, to name a few, are at constant risk of both contact and non-contact injuries, including concussions, ligament sprains, muscle strains and bone fractures. While gaming is more cognitive than physical, they still expose individuals to risk and injuries and in the professional sphere of eSports, some physiotherapists are now branching out into the specialty of eSports medicine. Some of the most common risks among gamers include:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

This condition results from the compression of the nerve that innervates muscles in the hand and forearm (mainly seen with computer gamers).  Depending on how long a gaming session is, a high amount of mouse and keyboard action can put a strain on these anatomical structures.  The symptoms include pain, numbness, and tingling.
person massaging another persons wrist due to carpal tunnel

Lower back pain:

Notoriously hard to treat, low back pain presents a musculoskeletal epidemic past gaming; many workers that spend hours sitting in desk chairs experience anything from minimal discomfort to severe pain from this condition.

Tech Neck (Cervical Kyphosis):

Prolonged computer use or even getting serious against a friend in a game invokes what we call “Serious Gamer Pose” giving the individual “Tech Neck”.  Where instead of sitting with a good posture you now lean forward in your chair neck bent down at the shoulders focusing on the task at hand.  Individuals with the condition complain of headaches, muscular stiffness, spasms and pain.
Drawing of gamer bending forward with tech neck/serious gamer pose

Stress and anxiety:

Anyone playing games, at any level, can experience psychological issues to some degree. Some eSports teams hire psychologists for their eSports team and some enthusiasts might use other means such as CBD to help them with the issues associated with gaming.


How can CBD help?

Most professional athletes, weekend warriors and occasional gym-goers devise supplement regimens to give themselves an edge when it comes to performance and recovery.  Alongside the classics such as creatine, protein shakes and multivitamins, athletes from all sporting fields are starting to leverage CBD for these purposes.  But do cannabinoids have a place in gaming?

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It certainly looks like it.  Some CBD brands are forming partnerships with big eSports names such as the London eSports. Industry fusion aside, some gamers are harnessing the cannabinoid as somewhat of an ergogenic performance enhancing aid in hopes of gaining an advantage on other players.  Beyond cognitive performance, some gamers also use CBD in an attempt to negate the physical toll of excess computer/console use.  How well can CBD work for both of these uses?


eSports professionals and amateur players alike, need to maintain focus above all else.  Many games require quick reaction times, on the fly strategy and constant contingency planning. Though the average League of Legends, Dota or Counter-Strike match lasts about 40 to 60 minutes, for example, players need to maintain high levels of focus and be on their toes for what their opponents might do next.

Human blue eye focusing

CBD might offer something beyond enhancing normal cognitive functioning by using CBD Oil or CBD Edibles.  Ongoing studies are exploring how cannabinoids influence the brain and emotions. Naturally, players experience varying degrees of anxiety before each match depending if it’s a friendly game, ranking up game or the next match against your rival team, science has shown that anxiety impacts cognitive function.  This makes it hard to focus and affects decision-making.  Studies currently  examining CBD in models of anxiety in both animals and humans to determine if the cannabinoid can reduce nervousness in high-pressure situations and if it influences cerebral blood flow in a way that could help reduce anxiety


Physical Injury

Athletes across the board a turning to CBD in an attempt to address injuries and speed up recovery time.  Whereas many sporting injuries are acute and traumatic, those that occur amongst gamers tend to be more chronic in nature.

The evidence surrounding CBD for pain and recovery remains inconclusive. Researchers in the United States are testing topical CBD in cases of peripheral neuropathy.  Of course, scientists are also looking into the effects of CBD in cases of lower back pain.  


Many gamers find themselves mashing buttons deep into the night.  While casual gamers can get away with this, some of the more “hardcore” gamers need all the sleep they can get. Lack of sleep has profound consequences on alertness and concentration.  Poor sleep before an important event, even work, can have disastrous consequences.  Falling asleep isn’t always easy and some studies show that CBD with the help of CBN can help you fall asleep and stay asleep for longer to rejuvenate yourself.

Gamer sitting in the dark palying games late a t night

Does CBD have a place in gaming?

Looking back,  CBD certainly has a place in gaming.  For the home gamer, it is a great option to bring your skills up to the next level and not to mention help you relax after a long day of work. For professional gamers, it is a bit more difficult answer and should be discussed with your managers and organization before use. Topical products are safe to take as they do not enter the bloodstream. However for ingested products, if THC is a controlled substance in your league or organization you will also want to get the correct product since some non isolate products can contain enough THC to produce a positive test.

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Nonetheless, if you suffer from any of the issues mentioned above. CBD is a great, low risk alternative with many potential benefits to your health and the enjoyment of your hobby.

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