When is the best time of day to take CBD?

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When is the best time of day to take CBD?  Is it in the mornings? Mid-day? Nights?  It depends on various factors, including your daily goals, preferred CBD product of choice and more.  Incorporating CBD into your routine may benefit you depending on the time of day, your health and wellness goals.

Should I be taking CBD in the Morning?

Many individuals who prefer to take CBD in the morning often want to manage stress from the get go and support a sense of calm so they can actually focus on what they need to accomplish.

Subsequently, if you’re looking to add CBD into your daily routine for any reason, you may want to consider using it with breakfast!  CBD is fat soluble, meaning, it binds to fat. Consuming your CBD with foods like eggs, avocados, fish, nuts, dark chocolate and cheese can help you to maximize your overall CBD absorption. In a similar way, some people like to use CBD in their coffee instead.  Ingestion methods come down to a person’s preference.

Egg and Avocado on toast

Should I take CBD at Noon?

Rough morning and feeling a little on edge after lunchtime? You are not alone!  Whether you’re at the kids’ soccer game or dealing with last minute feedback at work,  many people use to choose CBD to help with mid-afternoon stress.

Some individuals have reported that they “feel” the effects of CBD more strongly when taken with food. According to a 2019 study by the University of Minnesota, CBD exposure is increased when CBD is taken with high fatty foods meaning, as mentioned previously, CBD likes to bind to fat. Although it is hard to say how the study’s result translates to every body type, evidence suggests that taking CBD with healthy fats may help you reap the most benefits! 

Should you use CBD after Workouts?

Whether you work out at home, at the gym, in the mornings or at night, you may enjoy the relief of a CBD Topical. After working your muscles they need time to recover.  CBD can help with the healing process and reduce inflammation so that you can hit the gym more energized the next time you show up!

Woaman doing yoga in a plank position

A topical is one way to target the specific area where you trained a certain muscle group, but you can also use CBD in its oil form.  Instead of applying CBD to a specific area, you ingest it and reap the same benefits.  It may take a little longer but at the end of it all, you will receive the same effects. 

Should you take CBD in the evenings?

Often, evenings are for winding down and relaxing at the end of the day.  People often use a CBD edible product or CBD oil product to help them achieve that relaxation state and enjoy the little time they have before bed.  If you are someone who likes to sit down with a good book or watch the newest season of your favourite show, this time of day is the perfect time to take CBD.

Should I take CBD at night?

Since cannabinoid extract is known for promoting a sense of calm and relaxation, it’s no surprise that most individuals prefer taking CBD at night and incorporating it into their nightly routine. A lot of individuals who have issues sleeping due to pain, insomnia or stress tend to veer in the direction of a natural product to help them sleep. A sleep tincture is a good product to use as it also contains CBN and terpenes which helps promote sleep and falling asleep faster

Woman with sleep mask sleeping

What is the best time for you?

After reading these suggestions, we hope that this helps choose what time of day is best for you to take CBD.  If you are still on the fence about when to take CBD, you can always go down the list and see where it fits your life the most.

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