How does CBD and food mix? All we can say is that they make a great pair! Read these articles and see how CBD can spice up your kitchen.

CBD Edibles

What to look for in CBD Edibles

By Fred Levesque / April 6, 2022 / Comments Off on What to look for in CBD Edibles

The term edibles have become just as much a part of pop culture lingo as it has in the health and wellness world. Whether it’s celebrities touting the effectiveness of CBD edibles or medical professionals sharing insight on CBD’s therapeutic effects, more and more people are talking about (and asking about) CBD edibles. So, what…

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CBD oil with smoothies woman preparing smoothie

Using CBD Oil for Smoothie Recipes

By Nico Blier / May 19, 2021 / Comments Off on Using CBD Oil for Smoothie Recipes

The health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and the various conditions it can help treat are becoming more widely known and accepted by the general public. CBD is an incredibly versatile compound, capable of alleviating many ailments, and in oil form it is also very adaptable in terms of ingestion. Using CBD oil for smoothies is…

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CBD Oil for pregnancy woman sunset

Is CBD safe to use during pregnancy?

By Nico Blier / May 12, 2021 /

CBD and its impact on the body have been garnering increasing interest over the last few years. This is not surprising considering the research that continues to be published on the many benefits that CBD carries. Some of the perks of using CBD include combating anxiety, boosting the appearance of your skin, and mitigating chronic…

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