How CBD works

elderly couple smiling for a picture in from of a beautiful tree

CBD for Seniors: can it help the elderly age more gracefully?

By Fred Levesque / October 19, 2022 / Comments Off on CBD for Seniors: can it help the elderly age more gracefully?

Why are more Seniors embarking on their CBD journey? Getting old does not mean that everything is becoming dark and gloomy.  These are the golden years!  Travel, family, cooking, sightseeing, these activities are all in the cards and more!  But how can your body follow your lifestyle? Let’s not kid ourselves, as we get older,…

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CBD and Menopause group of friends

CBD and Menopause

By Fred Levesque / November 12, 2021 / Comments Off on CBD and Menopause

The benefits of CBD have become nearly common knowledge over the past few years as the interest in non-traditional medicine grows. Many health conditions can be treated using prescription medication, but people are now opting for natural remedies like CBD because it poses less risk, both long and short-term, and there can be fewer side…

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Can CBD Oil help you stop smoking? no smoking sign

Can CBD help you quit smoking?

By Fred Levesque / August 9, 2021 / Comments Off on Can CBD help you quit smoking?

It’s no secret that we all have bad habits.  Whether it’s slouching, too much fast food, not exercising, or looking at a screen before bed (guilty), these rituals can be challenging to shed.  Why are we talking about bad habits? Because some people are still trying to get rid of perhaps the biggest culprit of…

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