Can CBD Cream Make You Tired?

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The effects of CBD on the human body are varied. Current research indicates in low doses, CBD acts as a stimulant, while higher doses invoke sleepiness. However, the answer to can CBD cream make you tired is not as definitive as most would like. There are several variables to consider.

Cannabidiol cream provides a topical application designed for targeted skin absorption. It is commonly used to treat localized pain. Differences in alertness can occur for the following reasons:


  • Since pain can sap the body of energy, people can feel more invigorated without pain.


  • Sleepiness can be temporary as the body initially adjusts.

However, this is only surface speculation. Many other factors go into fully addressing the effects of CBD cream.

Can CBD cream make you tired? Yes.

There is a potential for CBD cream to make you tired. Whether the effects are short or long-term may need to be established. In determining your next steps, consider the following in overcoming drowsiness.

Gauge the Effects

If drowsiness isn’t an option, use CBD cream to test the effects. CBD will affect each individual differently as people have varying compositions. 

Before taking any action, determine how your body initially responds to it. Begin with a small amount and increase it until you find the working level. If you are still tired, then examine the other options listed below.

Decrease the Amount Used

After the initial testing, you will have greater clarity about how your body responds. If you are still tired, then reduce your amount. CBD creams in higher doses can invoke sleepiness, while lower doses promote alertness.

Explore Items Containing CBD Oil

The cannabis sativa plant offers 100 different cannabinoids. While experts are learning about the effects of CBD, other compounds show better results. So, while they are different, they can still be beneficial.

CBGA involves the acidic form the plant undertakes as it starts to grow. Upon maturity, it morphs into CBG, but only briefly. Like CBD, CBG is non-psychoactive. However, there is a marked difference — it can produce energizing effects. It makes the oil perfect to use during the day.

However, CBG is more challenging to source, meaning production is more expensive. While you may not see products containing pure CBG, those that do are pricey. Yet, those containing CBD and CBG may effectively reduce fatigue as the tincture oils have a similar effect while still promoting energy. 

Try Items Blended With a Natural Stimulant

Another method is to use products with natural stimulants like taurine, L-theanine, GABA, or vitamins B3/B12. These products have natural energy boosters, which allow you to experience the benefits of CBD while increasing your alertness. 

Increase Your Tolerance

People develop a daily tolerance for CBD. However, if you begin to take it, you may experience drowsiness as your body adjusts. Yet, once it becomes accustomed to CBD, some side effects may decrease because of tolerance. 

However, remember that as tolerance increases, you may have to adjust how much you use to experience the same effects.

What are the chances of CBD cream making me tired?

The most common side-effect of CBD cream is fatigue. CBD slows down the breakdown of anadamide, making people feel more relaxed and improving sleep quality.  For some, the effects are short-lived, while others need to consider other options.

Some other options for non-drowsy forms of CBD include:

  • Capsules: Capsules are effective as some contain caffeine (should be stated on the product label). 
  • Gummies: These contain a blend of CBG, CBD, and vitamins B3/B12.
  • CBD Tincture: Tinctures are somewhat controversial. This product may be best to treat anxiety as it has a calming effect without causing sleepiness.

Factors that can cause drowsiness after applying CBD cream

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) may have a role in energy metabolism, memory, and learning. So, while many believe CBD is more of a sedative, it contains a biphasic effect. Individuals may experience different effects depending on dosage. 


Fatigue is expected in the initial stages for several reasons previously discussed. It may have to do with the dosage being too high or a need for the body to develop a tolerance to CBD. 


For maximum absorption, studies indicate CBD must be taken with food. It increases absorption up to four times in the bloodstream. Furthermore, low-fat diets reduce the degree to which CBD is bioavailable. Therefore, those following the ketogenic diet may find a higher and consistent dose increase. 

Medication Interference

Drowsiness may be too strong if CBD cream is used with other types of sedation medication. Furthermore, it can interact with opioid pain relievers, antidepressants, alcohol, anti-epileptic drugs, and acetaminophen. 

Therefore, you must discuss your medication and CBD usage with your doctor before attempting your first dosage.

Cream Ingredients

As mentioned, CBD reacts to the body’s ESC, which continually works to maintain homeostasis. CBD supports this system and assists it in responding to any imbalances, including the sleep-wake cycle. 

Current research indicates that taking in low to moderate levels increases awareness. Furthermore, a three-month study concluded that the effects of drowsiness wore off as tolerance was established. 


When addressing the concern that CBD cream can tire you, one must examine different factors to determine their ultimate cause and action plan. Fatigue can be short-lived as the body adjusts or may indicate the dosage is too high. The only way to remedy this situation may be to use it before bed, watch medical interactions, consider caffeine intake, and lower the dosage. 

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