Organic CBD Cream in Canada: A Better Choice

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The Advantages of Organic CBD Cream

Organic CBD creams in Canada are increasingly being recognized for their potential health benefits and as a natural health solution, especially in providing localized pain relief. They are known to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which plays a key role in regulating pain, inflammation, and skin health. 

Unlike oral medications, these topical applications are directed at specific areas of discomfort, offering targeted relief. They may be especially beneficial for conditions such as arthritis pain, psoriasis, eczema, and acne, thanks to the health benefits of CBD such as its anti-inflammatory properties​​​​.

Difference between Organic and Regular CBD Cream

While organic and regular CBD creams share similar properties, their key difference may lie in the cultivation and processing methods. Organic creams are crafted from hemp plants grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, potentially yielding a purer CBD form.

This distinction becomes crucial for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies, as non-organic creams might provoke unwanted skin reactions. It is important to conduct a patch test on a small area of your skin to assess product absorption and to consult a healthcare professional if any skin irritation or other concerns arise.

CBD Cream Concentrations: Finding the Right Balance

At resolveCBD we currently offer our CBD Cream for pain relief in two concentrations. If you are new to using topical CBD Creams, we recommend beginning with our 500mg Regular Strength product. Once you have determined the severity of your condition and symptoms, you may find that increasing the frequency or concentration to be more effective in which we recommend using our 1000mg Extra Strength CBD Cream Canada.

CBD Cream 500MG Regular Strength 

Level of Pain Severity: Mild to moderate pain 

Common Applications: Ankle Sprains, Cramps, Muscle Soreness, Joint and muscle relief, Stiff back, and general relaxation.

Experience / Tolerance to CBD: None to Low

CBD Cream 1000MG Extra Strength

Level of Pain Severity: Moderate to Severe pain 

Common Applications: Back pains, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Localized Pain Relief, Neuropathy, Muscle Recovery, 

Experience / Tolerance to CBD: Low to High

CBD Cream: Success Stories

Many of our customers in Canada have reported positive experiences with using CBD for pain relief. CBD creams, in particular, may provide natural pain relief and aid in reducing inflammation. Studies have shown that CBD cream has the potential to provide relief for various conditions, including joint and muscle pain. 

Check out some of our customer success stories to learn more about their experience with using our CBD Cream product made in Canada.

Customer Reviews


Rita D. Verified Customer

Purchased: CBD Cream 1000MG Extra Strength

Both the 500mg and 1000mg products 

bring joint and muscle relief. My husband prefers the 1000mg product as it provides enough comfort for him to sleep longer periods at night.


Kathy K. Verified Customer

Purchased: CBD Cream 500MG Regular Strength

It Really Works!

I have lower back pain. I bought the 500mg CBD Cream hoping it would help. It does help a great deal. When my knee or back are aching. I apply it and literally feel relief within minutes. So thankful for something that works and is natural.


Janice Verified Customer

Purchased: CBD Cream 500MG Regular Strength

Amazing Product that works! Great for pain relieve anywhere on the body

I have 500mg for my acl torn on my left knee that gets sore from daily activity. A little bit goes a long way and I instantly feel the pain dissolve away. I also love the smell. It really works at such an affordable price.

For additional information & reviews check out our CBD Cream product page here

Organic CBD Cream in Canada: A Better Choice

Also available in a convenient set is our Recovery Pack & Pro Recovery Pack bundle options. These sets include our best-selling CBD Pain Cream along with our fastest-acting Full-spectrum CBD Oil for optimal relief as it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Together, they form the perfect remedy for inflammation, aching muscles and joints, and various other ailments. 

For more details on our exclusive bundles, explore our dedicated bundles page here.


What is the difference between Water-soluble and Oil-based Creams?

Water-soluble CBD creams are designed for better absorption and efficiency. They may offer quicker relief compared to traditional oil-based creams​​. If unsure, always check the back of your product’s ingredient list for clarification or get in contact with the manufacturer. 

Can Athletes use CBD Cream?

Athletes increasingly use CBD creams for their anti-inflammatory properties, which has the potential to help in muscle recovery and pain relief post-exercise​​. It’s important for athletes to choose products that comply with sporting regulations​​.

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