Can You Bring CBD Gummies on a Flight?

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If you wonder, “Can you bring gummies on a flight?” the answer will depend on your destination. Each destination has different rules governing the transport of cannabis on a flight — even if it has been legalized in that country. Therefore, it is wise to consult with the governing authorities before boarding whether travelling with gummies is acceptable.

Can you bring CBD gummies on a flight? Yes.

While Canada’s Cannabis Act was enacted on October 17, 2018, this question comes with a caveat which involves the destination. Some places will allow you to bring cannabis — which includes edibles, cannabis extracts, topicals, and any products containing CBD — within the country or across the border. The governing rules are as follows.

Travelling Interprovincially in Canada

Travellers are permitted to possess 30g of cannabis and meet minimum age requirements as outlined in each province. Passengers exceeding this amount will be required to dispose of it. Disposal bins are at each security screening checkpoint, where they can be thrown out before boarding. Each receptacle is collected for disposal by the RCMP.


Travelling between Canadian destinations with cannabis is permitted but must be in your checked baggage or a carry-on. The rules governing travelling while you are intoxicated still apply. Employees can refuse service to those they believe are high. 

Important Information

If you are legally travelling with cannabis within Canada and your plane is diverted to the United States, you may still have to disembark the aircraft. When you disembark, you will probably be required to go through customs. If this happens, immediately contact the Canadian Embassy, as possession may result in arrest and detention. 

Can You Travel To The United States With CBD?

Taking cannabis in any form across the Canadian border is illegal. It applies whether you are leaving or entering Canada. It doesn’t matter how much cannabis/CBD you are carrying, even if it is used for medical purposes. The only exception is unless Health Canada authorizes it. 


If you wonder whether the Health Canada rules apply to edibles, they do not. Authorization generally requires the individual to possess the cannabis in an appropriately labeled prescription bottle from a hospital or pharmacy. 

Can I take CBD gummies on an international flight?

No, you cannot take CBD in any form on international flights, irrespective of your destination’s stance on the matter. It doesn’t matter how much you have, whether you are authorized to carry it, or whether or not cannabis is legalized at your destination. 


Upon entrance into Canada, you must declare cannabis in any form to the Canada Border Services Agency. Not reporting it at the border is a criminal offence. 


Cannabis — which includes all forms of CBD — is illegal in most countries. Even attempting international travel with any amount in your possession can generate serious criminal penalties. It includes CBD possession within Canada and while travelling. It can result in denying entry and future entry at your destination. 


Therefore, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the laws of your intended destination. 


Can I bring CBD gummies on a flight? It would depend on your destination—the rules governing cannabis and CBD when it comes to travel fall under the same heading. 


Cannabis and its derivatives can be transported within Canadian provinces if you meet the limit requirements and are the legal age of that province. Legal age differs interprovincially, so it is advisable to investigate this before departure. Furthermore, each province outlines where using cannabis is acceptable and all laws governing its usage.


Regarding the United States and international travel, the answer is no. Most countries have not legalized the use of cannabis in any form. To illegally smuggle it can result in a criminal offense and prosecution, depending on your destination. 


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