Is Pet CBD the Same as Human CBD?

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Is pet CBD the same as human CBD? While the answer is yes, with a subtle difference. CBD oil used for pets will vary in serving size, and companies will add an appealing flavour like bacon or peanut butter to entice your animal into consuming it. Manufacturers frequently have a carrier like olive oil or cod liver oil, which enhances your pet’s health.

Similarities in Effects

Human and pet CBD come from the same source: the stems, leaves and flowers of a hemp plant. For humans, the benefits are in the way cannabinoid interacts with ECS (endocannabinoid system). The ESC is an essential physiological system in maintaining human health because it involves the maintenance of homeostasis. 


Cannabinoid and endocannabinoid receptors are located throughout the body and provide the bridge between mind and body. Pets have the same ECS and are affected similarly to their owners. 

Is pet CBD the same as human CBD? Yes.

Yes, the two forms of CBD are similar in the way they are manufactured. Again, the only difference is CBD for animals is designed with their tastes in mind. CBD pet oil tinctures are less potent than the ones humans take. Providing a serving size may be more complex in animals if you are using the same product. 

Can human CBD be given to pets?

There are many important reasons not to give your pet human CBD. These include:


  • Flavour: While this doesn’t involve safety, human CBD is flavoured differently. Human CBD (gummies) are often fruit-flavoured, while pet CBD has meaty ingredients. 


  • Safety: Human edibles have additives that are not safe for your pet. Some have xylitol, which is toxic for cats and dogs. It is safer to buy pet-sanctified products.


  • Usage: When buying pet products, the label outlines its intended animal usage. Therefore, always follow the package guidelines. Human CBD oil can contain different concentrations than a pet-formulated treat. Consequently, it is not wise to assume your animal should receive the same drop number as you do.


Do cats and dogs need different dosages?

Determining dosage can require experimentation to see how their body adapts and what is the proper dosage. Whether using CBD oil or any other product, dosages can vary per situation. Trial and error will dictate the amount and frequency of administration. 


Dosages for cats and dogs should begin in the middle of the range outlined on the packaging. These guidelines provide a general reference on dosage. However, each pet will respond differently. Going in the middle of the dosage allows you to increase or decrease it if necessary until you obtain the desired effects.


Results are experienced within 30-60 minutes. If no change exists, then increase the dose.


However, before administering CBD to your dog or cat, consult with your veterinarian. There are no official guidelines on the usage of pet CBD, and every species reacts differently. Until proper dosages are established, it is wise to be cautious.


Your vet will note the usage in the file and can ensure it will not negatively react with existing medications. Once you have clearance, begin with low dosages (1mg per 10 lbs of weight) to ensure your pet can handle it. It can slowly be increased to three times to assist them with their issues. 


Is pet CBD the same as human CBD? Well, that depends. Its effects on the body in both animals and humans are the same. CBD targets the same system in both pets and humans. However, the differences rest in their potency and how they are flavoured. 


Furthermore, human CBD may contain xylitol, which is unsafe for dog and cat consumption. CBD oil may also be more potent in human products than in ones designed for a pet requiring different dosages.


Therefore, consulting a vet regarding CBD usage in pets is advisable. Your vet can inform you whether CBD is safe for your pet to consume and whether it will negatively affect any existing medications. By following these precautions, it will keep your pet alive and safe.


When considering which pet CBD to use, take a look at our collection and the pet owner reviews for further information on what is best suited for your pet’s lifestyle and tastes.

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