How to use resolveCBD’s 1ml dropper for CBD Oil

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If you’ve ever bought CBD oil tinctures, you likely noticed a 1mL dropper included with your purchase. This CBD oil dropper is basically a measuring device that’s used to help you get your dose of CBD. CBD droppers aren’t that hard to use, but some people may need quick instructions before taking their CBD oil.

In this article, we explain all you need to know about a 1mL CBD oil dropper, and how to use it correctly.

1mL Dropper For Measuring CBD Oil

This dropper is usually a small, glass pipette that has a rubber nipple on the end of it. Most droppers are contained within a CBD oil tincture cap, making them simple to store.

2 Botlles of resolveCBD oil with markings on the 1ml dropper
In this picture, you can see an up close image of the 1mL droppers we include with our CBD oils that people buy from our online CBD shop. Notice the four distinct measuring marks on it. These marks let you know, exactly, how much CBD oil you are pulling into the dropper itself.

CBD Oil Droppers Show Your Dosing

The four marks on our 1mL dropper show you the following serving sizes:

  • 1/4 (0.25) mL
  • 1/2 (0.5) mL
  • 3/4 (0.75) mL
  • 1 mL

CBD oil sold by resolveCBD will come with a serving size of 1mL. 

Dosing CBD can be a bit different for everyone. Some people may require exactly 1mL to get their intended effect. Others may need 1/2mL. Some people like to take over 1mL. These marks are important to have on a dropper because you know exactly how much of the oil you drew into the dropper.

Some companies include very, very poor quality 1mL droppers with their CBD oil. I was shocked and frankly surprised to know that, some CBD companies just skimp out when it comes to delivering premium products and do not add droppers with marks for ease of use. If you don’t see markings on your CBD dropper, you will have no way to tell how much fluid you drew into the dropper.

1ml dropper with no markings on it

Please, do not use unmarked droppers like the one in this picture.

You will never know exactly how much CBD oil you take if you choose to use something like this. You will end up taking a slightly different dose every time you take CBD oil, which means you can have slightly different results each time.

How to Use Your 1mL 

DropperNow that we know what to look for in a 1mL dropper, here are the steps you should take to ensure you get an accurate dose of CBD oil:

  1. Squeeze out any residual oil in the dropper so it appears empty
  2. When empty, squeeze the rubber nipple forcing the air out of the dropper
  3. While squeezing, put the dropper into the CBD oil tincture
  4. Remove pressure and watch the CBD oil draw into the dropper
  5. Strop drawing the oil once you notice the correct mL dose has been reached
  6. Place the CBD drops under your tongue, and wait for the results

Woamn about to put CBD oil Sublingualy


That’s it! Simple, right? As long as you make sure your oil is at the right mL marking for your dose, you’re good to go.

Again, make sure your dropper has accurate markings on it so you know how much oil to draw out. While it’s not difficult to dose, some people new to the CBD world still have questions, and that’s exactly why we made this short guide on using your dropper.

Storing Your Glass Dropper

Storing your glass dropper (or any other dropper for that matter) is really simple. After you take your dose of CBD, just place the dropper back into the bottle. If you have used your dropper for quite some time and are worried it may be dirty, you can run warm, soapy water through it. This will clean your 1mL dropper quite well. Let it dry, then store it with your other medicinal items.

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