Is CBD Oil Safe? What you need to know when buying CBD online

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Is cannabidiol (CBD) oil safe? The short answer is yes — but don’t take our word for it. In recent years, more and more research has been done on CBD and CBD oil, with findings ultimately revealing its safety, benefits, as well as suggestions on how it should be regulated.

There are a lot of misconceptions and stigmas that surround cannabis and cannabis-related products, like CBD oil. Fortunately, since cannabis laws have changed in Canada, CBD education has become more widespread.

This education has helped people to not only understand the safety of CBD and CBD oils, but become more open to its potentially positive effects. 

While CBD oil is largely regarded and proven to be safe, it’s important to be educated on different CBD oil products to understand safety measures, and who the products are intended for. At resolveCBD, we practice transparency to ensure our consumers are well educated in the basics of CBD and the manufacturing process.

Even though CBD oil is safe and known to benefit most users, it’s also important to know what to look for when purchasing, and when you may want to avoid using it.

Adding to the myriad ways in which CBD can enrich our lives, the combination of CBD and meditation offers a calming and introspective experience. For those interested in exploring this synergy further, our article CBD and meditation: the calming combo provides insight into how incorporating CBD into your meditation practice can enhance mindfulness and relaxation.

CBD Safety: What You Need to Know

What is full spectrum CBD

A 2018 Consumer Reports study of 1,003 adults revealed that of the 13 percent of adults who used CBD to treat a health issue, almost 90 percent reported that the product helped their condition. 

CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound that naturally occurs in both the hemp and marijuana plants.  CBD oil, however, is CBD that’s been infused into carrier oils for easy and accurate dosing. This is the most popular way to consume CBD.

CBD oil is, by and large, considered to be very safe. In fact, it’s been confirmed by the world health organization that “to date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

The reality is that choosing the right CBD oil and consuming it safely is less about the oil itself and more about understanding how to purchase CBD, the proper use of CBD, its effects. 

At the end of the day, the benefits of CBD are plentiful. Here are the main elements of CBD sourcing and consumption to keep in mind for safe use to optimize these benefits.

Know Where Your CBD Comes From

One way to ensure you are purchasing effective and safe CBD is to review a product’s lab tests. Reputable brands will share their lab reports or their product’s Certificate of Analysis (COA). Lab tests also help to identify the potency of a product (how much CBD it contains). 

A COA will showcase the levels of different components, or cannabinoids, in a CBD oil to ensure that you are purchasing quality CBD. Some brands sell CBD oils that may have either not enough CBD or too much CBD for you to enjoy the positive effects of the product without unwanted side-effects. Because cannabinoids are bi-phasic (low and high dosages can produce opposite effects) , understanding your ideal dose is key; see our dosage chart for more details.

resolveCBD completes lab tests by a third party. We post our results on our website to give you peace of mind that what you’re consuming is as-advertised. We prioritize transparency and education because it’s important to us that customers have access not only to high-quality CBD products, but a wealth of educational resources that provide context for these products.

You can rest easy knowing that our products come from Ontario grown hemp and contain only organic ingredients.

Consider If CBD Is Safe For You:

Why may CBD not be safe? 


resolveCBD’s products are made with organic ingredients and our CBD is derived from organic, Ontario sourced hemp. Unfortunately, however, this isn’t always the case with other brands and manufacturers.

Hemp plants absorb everything that’s found in the soil it’s grown in; this can include pesticides, toxins, heavy metals and more. For safe CBD consumption in addition to lab tests, be sure to look into how a brand manufactures its products and from where the hemp (or cannabis) is sourced. At resolveCBD, we take great pride in our safe, transparent means of sourcing and manufacturing.

Side Effects

While there are very few side effects associated with CBD oil, all of which are fairly minor. Mayo Clinic cites the side effects of CBD as:

  • dry mouth
  • diarrhea
  • less appetite
  • change in weight
  • drowsiness
  • fatigue


If you are currently taking any prescription medication, consider if it will react negatively with CBD. For example, CBD doesn’t always positively interact with medications like blood thinners and antiepileptic drugs. Always consult with your physician if you are taking prescription medications and considering trying CBD.

Although CBD is safe as a whole, it can have some undesirable effects on people in certain conditions or situations. Be sure to consult with your physician before trying CBD if you’re unsure whether it’s safe to consume with your condition and/or medication.
CBD & Pregnant Women:

Is CBD oil safe during pregnancy?

The answer to this frequently asked question is up in the air due to a lack of research. That said, the studies that have been done in this area indicate that the answer leans towards “not exactly.” 

Although cannabis has not proven to be an addictive substance, there have been reports showing that cannabinoids can be passed on by pregnant and nursing women. As a result, the FDA strongly suggests pregnant and nursing women avoid CBD and cannabis products.

THC, which can be found in small traces in full spectrum CBD, has been linked to stillbirth and other fetal concerns. Although this has not been proven, study results have led medical professionals to suggest avoiding any cannabis-related products during pregnancy and nursing. 

CBD & Pets 

We are not the only ones who stand to benefit from CBD oil — this product can benefit our furry friends too! Our pets are just as susceptible to many of the physical and even mental health struggles that humans are. Dogs, for one, have proven to show signs of anxiety. According to PetMD, CBD oil is commonly used to treat anxiety, gastrointestinal issues, back pain, seizures and more in dogs. 

Is CBD oil safe for pets?

CBD oil for pets is, in fact, safe. This is because any animal with a spine has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), just like we do. CBD doesn’t get us high, and it won’t cause our animals to get high either.

CBD is not only safe for pets, but it can also help pets suffering from specific conditions. Specifically, CBD pet oil can help to treat pets with arthritis, PTSD, skin irritation, anxiety, joint and mobility pain, and more. Because our furry friends have cannabinoid receptors similar to ours, CBD can help them with inflammation and pain relief the same way it helps us.

resolveCBD sells CBD specifically designed with your pet’s needs in mind. resolveCBD Pets is made with pet-grade organic ingredients and full-spectrum whole-plant hemp extract. Our CBD oil is easy to integrate into your pet’s food or treats. 

How Much CBD Oil For Pets

If you’re not sure how to use CBD for your pet, we are here to help. That said, you’ll want to find the right dose first. 

We suggest starting off with 1-2 mg of CBD for every 10 lbs of your pet’s weight. Try this once every day for roughly two weeks, and just hang out with your pet a few hours later to see how they react, and adjust accordingly. Check out the suggested dosage chart below for more info.

CBD for pets

The right dose will help ensure that your pet is consuming the ideal amount to get the positive effects of CBD without unwanted side-effects. The good news is that, if you give them a little bit too much, CBD is non-toxic and may just make your pet drowsy—just as it would likely do  to you!

Written by: Brittany Rodriguez

DISCLAIMER: Information and products presented by resolveCBD are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailment, nor is it intended to be a substitute or alternative for professional medical advice. Always consult with a licensed professional regarding medical treatment or possible interactions with prescribed drugs. Products are intended to be used as directed, by individuals who are 19 years of age or older.